Quality Videos

highlights, Montages & more

Possible video ideas ...

  • Gaming Videos (Highlights, Montages etc.)

  • Variety of YouTube Content

  • Intros / Outros

  • Trailers

  • PR / ADS / Placements

  • Podcasts / Interviews

  • Family & Travel Videos

  • (...)

... containing edits like:

  • Basic editing / corrections

  • Smooth transitions and cuts

  • Colour grading

  • Sound mixing

  • Audio synchronization

  • Additional sound effects

  • Additional background / Essential music

  • Subtitling

  • Image tracking

  • (...)

Example Videos


Example Graphics

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About me

Hi! I am Jay! (not my actual name, but it's what people call me instead of Jehadyel)

I have always been fascinated by the filmmaking industry including every process from pre- to post-production and not only found interest in making content myself but as a big motivation as my father is working as producer, scriptwriter and acting as head of a national multimedia corporation.

Creating art, through symbiosis of your content & my work, fitting your vision.

Learning new skills and methods every day; the perfect way and support of improving myself, comes from the people that give me their trust and a chance to create something awesome together; which is why also unlimited revisions are always included, because I see the work not done until it's perfect in your eyes.

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Situated in: Bern, Switzerland (CH) UTC+1

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If you have any questions regarding my services or else, do not hesitate to contact me: